Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily edit multiple templates via the control panel. But you can contact our technical support before buying for detailed information on a specific template. Make sure that our products have detailed installation and handling instructions. In addition, we provide both our help and video tutorials.
Most of the time, abar is also dependent on the selected template type. Paypal offers a great deal of methods to create online shopping for your customer - even images with text links to your product or service in Paypal.
The most common problem with the password is the problem that has arisen when copying / pasting. Either the password is not completely copied or spaces remain at the beginning or end of the password field. Make sure that there are no spaces in the password field before or after the password. If the problem is elsewhere, please contact our technical support team.
Now we do not give access to demo versions of control panels of various web site developers, online stores, etc. You can find demo versions from the search engine because we only offer themes (templates) for these programs.
If you're looking for a SEO wordpress theme to build a blog or website, have a look at our professional solutions. On the whole yes, except templates completely on Flash, because they are not now read by bots of the search engines. But we have a good solution for websites Flash - look at our templates Flash CMS with SEO!
We do everything to place a demo for each of our templates. Sometimes it is impossible, if you have not found demo for submission on the website, it means that there is not any for each template.
Yes, but you need to purchase the license from Developer, which allows you to use the template on 2-5 domains. You can also buy the exclusive license for the template. Please, contact us for more detailed information.
We can not allow you to download a specific template for testing, but we've created a special page of free sample templates where you can download and test the template of the selected type before you buy it.