How to Set Up a Maintenance Mode for your WordPress Website

How to Set Up a Maintenance Mode for your WordPress Website

Are you creating a new website or would you like to make changes to your current website? If so, a maintenance plugin could be of great help to you.

You can install a maintenance plug-in to prevent visitors from seeing the content of your website while you’re still working on it. Instead, visitors only see an info page set up by you. I have opted for the WP Maintenance Mode WordPress plugin, but there are plenty more plugins in the plugin directory on

It was relatively easy for me to activate the plugin and I hope my little tutorial on the WP Maintenance Mode plugin settings will be helpful to you.

1. Plugin Activation

After installing the plugin on your WordPress website, you will find the plugin settings under Settings -> WP Maintenance Mode. Click Enabled to enable maintenance mode on your website. There are a few more options. You can exclude certain pages from maintenance mode or decide whether you want to be reminded in the admin area regarding the active maintenance mode. This is very helpful because you can not forget to turn off your maintenance mode again.

Plugin Activation

2. Design

Under Design, you can customize the look of your maintenance mode page. The options are easy to understand and user friendly. You can write custom text to let your visitors know what you’re working on. You can add any information such as when your website will be available again. You can even upload your own wallpaper background to provide a preview of your new website.


3. Modules

Firstly, you can set up a countdown under Modules so that your visitors can see the exact time when your website goes online. Secondly, you can also create an email list to be able to inform interested followers via email as soon as your website is ready. You can also display links to your social media profiles on your maintenance page. This allows visitors to find out a little more about you.


4. Bot

Another option is to enable an automatic bot that can answer a few frequently asked questions to your visitors. I honestly would not recommend this feature, as I think it might confuse your visitors rather than be really helpful.


5. GDPR (General Data Protection Rules)

Under the menu item GDPR you can find the option to link directly from your maintenance mode page to your privacy policy page. Since WordPress 4.9.6 you can find the option to create a privacy policy under Settings -> Privacy in your WordPress admin panel.


Do not forget to turn off the maintenance mode when you’re done with your website!

I hope my tutorial has been helpful to you. If you have questions or additional tips in regards to the maintenance mode, just let me know in the comment section.

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