Blog WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme is a collection of images and files that are responsible for the look of your blog and give it a specific look. The biggest advantage of a theme is that you can completely change the look of your own blog with relatively little effort.

How important is the right WordPress theme?
Even if the content of a blog is one of the most important things in blogging, you should not underestimate the layout and look of the blog.

The first impression is also enormously important in a blog. Your visitors decide in seconds whether the blog appeals to them or not. Many different factors play a role in how users perceive the layout or the WordPress theme.

Be it the loading time, the optics, possible error messages, clarity or even colors. All these points are perceived and assessed subconsciously by the visitors of your blog in a very short time. For some of your users, this perception determines whether they stay on your blog or surf to the next Google search result.

The following points should be considered when choosing a WordPress theme:

High recognition value
A good WordPress blog theme should ensure that readers recognize the blog and that it is not confused with other blogs. The theme should be easy to customize to stand out from other blogs that may use the same theme.

The design should fit the content
In essence the WordPress theme should fit the content of the blog, so that the overall impression is consistent. In addition, colors subconsciously convey certain messages. One should be aware of this before deciding on a theme in a particular color. Ideally, the theme provides several color options, so you can later change as you like.

The look is not everything. Above all, a theme has to be very easy to use and clear. Where is the search box? Where can I find the navigation? Are links easy to recognize?

Use of current technology
A good WordPress theme should be state-of-the-art. If the last update is 2 years ago, you should definitely stay away from it. No matter how good this looks. Likewise, it should not contain any serious HTML or CSS errors.

Fast loading times
Also, the loading times of the theme should be tested. A WordPress theme can look and fit as well as content. If the load times are too long, you will lose many readers and your own blog will not succeed.

Widget areas
Widget areas are specific areas where different content and functions can be easily incorporated. You should check if and how well the WordPress theme supports such widgets. Often, the programming of the themes emphasizes a high number of widget areas.

Individual sidebar
In this context, you should also check the options for adjusting the sidebar. How flexible can you use them for content? Is it possible to display the sidebar either to the left or to the right of the content? The sidebar plays a very important role in my blogs.

SEO optimization
Some of the premium themes already have some search engine optimization and / or have corresponding options. It also helps from the SEO point of view, if functions such as “similar articles” or the use of the H1-H6 tags in the SEO theme have been implemented justly.

You should adjust the WordPress theme
No matter if you have decided on a free WordPress theme from the theme directory or on a premium theme sets: You should adjust this to get a custom look for his blog.