Corporate WordPress Themes

WordPress is so flexible. Therefore, it is not surprising that not only bloggers, but also more and more companies and startup companies want to use WordPress as a content management system for their website. For these business-style WordPress pages, there are plenty of matching themes that are free or for a nominal price. And with a little design customization and the right plugins, you can set up a WordPress website for your own company quite quickly.

Nowadays, corporate websites are already taken for granted. It represents the company online and is the first choice of visiting for most customers. All the more important is the look and functionality of the website. Anyone who has dealt with the topic a bit today can do it themselves. WordPress is responsible for that.

There are special WordPress themes for corporations and it is not difficult to find a WordPress theme that fits exactly to a specific company.This can be a start-up, a service provider or another type of business.

We explain why WordPress is a good solution for businesses and what to look for when choosing a theme.

Why WordPress?
There are numerous ways to set up your own corporate website. The simplest and probably cheapest, is a solution using WordPress. This has extreme advantages when it comes to creating a website.

The update, maintenance and modification can be done in-house with a little know-how.

It does not need any programming skills to create great websites. WordPress today is the largest content management system (CMS) and is used globally in all industries. A huge number of installable plug-ins allow each page to be customized and expanded.

For the inidivual or company, a WordPress site should provide the following features:

  • easy page management
  • simple user management e.g. through individual role-based rights models
  • easy expandability e.g. through clean plug-in structure
  • pperating costs
  • suitable security features, i.a. Back-up scenarios and regular updates
  • Marketing tools for lead generation and conversion optimization
  • eCommerce options
  • Interfaces, e.g. to existing Enterprise CMS like SharePoint

Write down what features your theme should have in any case and which ones are “nice to have”. Examples of features would be the customization of the sidebar, a mega menu, various header variants or the availability of individual shortcodes.

Look out for WordPress themes and compare them
Although there are many free themes, it is always wise to invest in a premium theme. The support is usually better, they are updated regularly and bugs are fixed.

You can find themes on Trendy Themes. The selection of corporate website themes seems endless.