Numerous Helpful Shortcuts for WordPress and Gutenberg to Speed Up your Blogging

Numerous Helpful Shortcuts for WordPress and Gutenberg to Speed Up your Blogging

Handy keyboard shortcuts that speed up the workflow are nothing special today. Almost all Windows users are sure to know Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V for copying and pasting the selected text. You can use similar shortcuts for WordPress to make your content more efficient.

If you blog regularly, you know well how much time it takes to create and publish all sorts of blog posts. Every time you have to make hundreds of settings for the text. Undoubtedly, you can do all the steps with the mouse by looking for icons in your post editor that represent each option.

But what do you think about simply putting your hands on the keyboard and enjoying more comfortable shortcuts? Not only does this sound good, it can also save many hours of work in the long term. In this post, you will discover shortcuts to edit text, format headers, manage Gutenberg blocks, insert images, quotes and links, quickly comment on comments, etc. Once you use these shortcuts, you benefit from accelerated administrative work on your WordPress website.

Fortunately, the shortcuts we continue to use are valid for all WordPress themes. Regardless of which design you use, they are universally applicable and work exactly as intended.

Shortcut Types for WordPress

It’s easier to get a grip on WordPress shortcuts if you know exactly when to use a particular type. We’d like to familiarize you with the following types of keyboard shortcuts:

  • Shortcuts that work in Gutenberg and TinyMCE
  • Shortcuts working in Gutenberg
  • Keyboard shortcuts that can be used in TinyMCE
  • Gutenberg shortcuts for distraction-free writing
  • Keyboard shortcuts that allow you to manage comments
  • Key combination for mass actions

In this post, we’ll look at these types of keyboard shortcuts in turn for convenience. You can just start with the section that interests you the most and then deal with others.

Shortcuts that work in Gutenberg and TinyMCE

Below are basic keyboard shortcuts that work in TinyMCE, the default editor, as well as in the new Gutenberg editor. These helpful keyboard shortcuts make your workflow much faster.

Action Windows Mac
Copy Ctrl + c Command + c
Paste Ctrl + v Command + v
Bold Ctrl + b Command + b
Italic Ctrl + i Command + i
Cut Ctrl + x Command + x
Undo Ctrl + z Command + z
Select all Ctrl + a Command + a
Save Ctrl + s Command + s
Print Ctrl + p Command + p
Underline Ctrl + u Command + u
Insert shortlink Ctrl + k Command + k
Apply monospace to the selected text Alt + Shift + x Option + Control + x

It’s not hard to guess that these commands are based on standard commands for your computer and Microsoft Word. Most likely, you already use more than half of these commands. And it should not be a problem to add the rest to your brain memory.

Button Combination Which Should Display Shortcuts

A shortcut to which we refer here applies to both Gutenberg and TinyMCE. This combination is the only one you need to learn all the others:

  • Alt + Shift + h for Windows
  • Option + Control + h for Mac

Use this keyboard shortcut to display available shortcuts in the pop-up window. It looks like this:

Shortcuts for Gutenberg

Do you like Gutenberg? You’ll work even faster if you use extra keyboard shortcuts for this editor. Extended range of shortcuts make it possible to work both with texts and with blocks. Shortcuts allow you to insert, copy or remove blocks with one click. You can also improve the navigation in the editor. These keyboard shortcuts will make your experience with Gutenberg a lot more enjoyable. The next time you work with the editor, you can use these shortcuts:

Shortcuts for blocks

Action Windows Mac
Insert new block Enter Enter
Duplicate new block Ctrl + Shift + d Command + Shift + d
Delete block Alt + Shift + z Control + Option + z
Insert block before the selected block Ctrl + Alt + t Command + Option + t
Insert block after the selected block Ctrl + Alt + y Command + Option + y
Change the block type after adding a new paragraph / /
Delete selected Esc Esc

Shortcuts for Navigation

Action Windows Mac
Show / hide settings bar Ctrl + Shift + , Command + Shift + ,
Open settings bar Alt + Shift + o Option + Control + o
Navigate to the next part of the editor Alt + Shift + n Option + Control + n
Navigate to the previous part of the editor Alt + Shift + p Option + Control + p
Open the next toolbar Alt + F10 fn + Option + F10
Switch between visual and code mode Ctrl + Shift + Alt + m Command + Option + Shift + m

Shortcuts for Text Formatting

Gutenberg also offers you a number of keyboard shortcuts that make it easier to edit the text. This allows you to quickly format the text as a specific heading, make the text as popular, and change the style for lists. You can use these combinations:

Action Windows Mac
Headline 1 Ctrl + 1 Command + 1
Headline 2 Ctrl + 2 Command + 2
Headline 3 Ctrl + 3 Command + 3
Headline 4 Ctrl + 4 Command + 4
Headline 5 Ctrl + 5 Command + 5
Headline 6 Ctrl + 6 Command + 6
Insert address Ctrl + 9 Command + 9
Text as a justified sentence Ctrl + Shift + j Command + Shift + j
Text align center Ctrl + Shift + c Command + Shift + c
Text align right Ctrl + Shift + l Command + Shift + l
Text align left Ctrl + Shift + r Command + Shift + r
Numeric list Ctrl + Shift + o Command + Shift + o
Enumeration Ctrl + Shift + u Command + Shift + u

Inserting Elements and Further Shorts for Gutenberg

Do you want to get the most out of your Gutenberg usage? Then it is worthwhile to master these handy shortcuts for inserting links, quotation marks, pictures. They allow you to add different elements to your blocks and perform other common actions.

Action Windows Mac
Check spelling Ctrl + Shift + n Command + Shift + n


Ctrl + Shift + x Command + Shift + x
Set page break Ctrl + Shift + p Command + Shift + p
Insert read more Ctrl + Shift + t Command + Shift + t
Remove link Ctrl + Shift + s Command + Shift + s
Insert link Ctrl + Shift + a Command + Shift + a
Add media Ctrl + Shift + m Command + Shift + m
Add blockquote Ctrl + Shift + q Command + Shift + q
Help Ctrl + Shift + h Command + Shift + h

Gutenberg Shortcuts for Deflectionless Writing

These three simple shortcuts deserve your attention as they help you set up your interface for easier blogging. There are these keyboard shortcuts:

Aktion Windows Mac
Enlarge screen size Ctrl und + Command und +
Reduce screen size Ctrl und – Command und –
Show original size Ctrl und 0 Command und 0

TinyMCE Shortcuts for Advanced Editing

After we’re done with Gutenberg, let’s take a look at the best shortcuts for TinyMCE. They allow you to make similar text adjustments as in Gutenberg. Keyboard shortcuts that you can use to do this are as follows:

Action Windows Mac
Undo Ctrl + y Command + y
Headling 1-6 Alt + Shift + [number] Command + Option + [number]
Align left Alt + Shift + l Command + Option + l
Align center Alt + Shift + c Command + Option + c
Align right Alt + Shift + r Command + Option + r
Text as a justified sentence Alt + Shift + j Command + Option + j
Strikethrough Alt + Shift + d Command + Option + d
Unsorted list Alt + Shift + u Command + Option + u
Numeric list Alt + Shift + o Command + Option + o
Insert link Alt + Shift + a Command + Option + a
Remove link Alt + Shift + s Command + Option + s
Citation Alt + Shift + q Command + Option + q
Insert media Alt + Shift + m Command + Option + m
Show more Alt + Shift + t Command + Option + t
Add page break Alt + Shift + p Command + Option + p
Full screen for visual mode Alt + Shift + w Command + Option + w
Full screen for text mode Alt + Shift + f Command + Option + f

These keyboard shortcuts help you to edit user comments faster. But first you have to activate it in the WordPress Dashboard. Navigate to Users> Your Profile. Find keyboard shortcuts and put a tick in the checkbox. Do not forget to click Save Profile when you’re done with changes.

Well done! You have activated shortcuts, your work is now faster!

Action Key
Next comment J
Previous comment K
Allow comment A
Disallow comment U
Delete comment D
Edit comment Q
Restore deleted comment Z
Check selected comment X
Edit selected comment E
Reply to comment (admin only) R
Mark as spam S

This selection of shortcuts allows you to execute a command for multiple comments.

Action Key combination
Check comments shift + x
Allow comments shift + a
Delete comments shift + d
Mark comments as spam shift + s
Move comments to trash shift + t
Disallow comments shift + u
Restore comments shift + z

Are you still missing any keyboard shortcuts? Then you can create custom shortcuts yourself using tools like AutoHotKey or ShortTeper.

It may seem at first glance that all these keyboard shortcuts are bad in memory. But practice makes perfect and soon you realize that you can easily memorize some shortcuts with a few hours of practice. Then you should go to the next batch of combinations. And you can see that working with WordPress is convenient and distraction free. So, you’re not wrong if you bookmark this post. So take some time to memorize these keyboard shortcuts to help you make your way to the effective site.

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